Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Walking the kid"

Nahalat Binyamin - Tel Aviv - Israel - 2006
@ ISO 100 - f/4

Nahalat Binyamin is one of the oldest streets in Tel Aviv. Nahalat Binyamin was actually the name of the association founded almost 100 years ago. This association included some 40 members from Jaffa and the neighboring “Neve Shalom” neighborhood (now known as “Neve Zedek”), most of them craftsmen; grocers and merchants. This gathering intended to build a new neighborhood which will resemble the year old veteran “Ahuzat Bait” neighborhood (which later developed into southern part of Tel Aviv). While “Ahuzat Bait” maintained a “criss-cross” structure, Nahalat Binyamin foundation averted from this rule and it’s unplanned building style characterized not only the proximate streets but also the whole city’s future layout. Nahalat Binyamin is named in memory of Binyamin Herzel, the prophet of the State of Israel.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

"NOT Impressed"

Nahlat Byniamin - Tel Aviv - Israel - 2006
f/4 @ ISO 100

Nahlat Byniamin in Tel Aviv is one of those sweet streets in the city which makes Tel Aviv so unique. Among old buildings from the start of the 20th century, a market of hand craftmanship of any sort of merchandise is sold under the bright sunlight of every Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon.
More on Nahlat Byniamin in the following posts...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Along the Shadow"

Mishkan Omanuiot Habima - Tel Aviv - Israel - 2006
@ ISO 100, f/11

Behind Mishkan Omanuiot Habima in Tel Aviv (Hall of stage art in straightforward translation) there is a well kept and small garden which on that Friday late afternoon was very quiet (and actually, it is usually very very quite). The prominent building at the far center is the renewed IBM building (now hosting other companies).

Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Standing Tall"

@ ISO 100, f/4

In my home town market.

Friday is a busy day in Israel: most employees have a mandatory free day and take the advantage to make their arrangments. The market is no different in this aspect - on the contrary, it's heavily crowded with many customers looking for fresh and cheap vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and the like. Some merchandise are only found in the market.

Markets in Israel tend to be noisy, as part of the basic marketing tool: the stronger you shout, the more people know of your existence...This guy took this marketing a little further and was standing on this green plastic box and was shouting to the passing and going to buy his merchandise...

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Friday, August 04, 2006

"Fragile Balance"

@ ISO 100, F/4

Was taken a block from my home...

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